Intro: or, an Introvert Makes an Attempt to Contextualize Pop Culture to the Masses of Cyberspace!

Hello, people of the internet who find themselves reading this post! My name is Brock Wells, I’m 26-years old, and I am the curator of this particular corner of the internet. I’m going to provide to you the basis of what this blog will aim to accomplish, but I’ll keep it snappy as to not bore you right away. I’ll also tell you a bit about myself. As the title of this post would indicate, introductions aren’t exactly something I do well, so bear with me and I’ll make this as painless as I can.

Some background info. I grew up in a small town in north Iowa, called Charles City, that is two hours from nowhere in any direction. After graduating high school, I attended college and would eventually both graduate from, and work for, that college. After almost four years of working at the college, and furthering my collegiate education sporadically, I moved with a friend of mine down to the Greater Des Moines area for a different life, while we both gave a symbolic middle finger to the boredom of our old lives. During the summer of 2017, I met the girl of my dreams (it sounds like a movie, I know), only to find out that she had no intention of sticking around in Iowa, and already had plans set to move out to Colorado. She did just that. So, yours truly set out for Colorado in mid-August of that same summer. For the next two years, I lived a rather boho existence and worked as a freelance transcriptionist/captioner in the city of Longmont, a city roughly half an hour from Denver and fifteen minutes from Boulder, in what has become a seriously bustling northern Colorado. My girl, Asia, and I, deciding it was time for some new scenery, have come back to the area of my childhood for a short period while we figure out what’s next for us. In the meantime, she’s inspired me to start blogging about pop culture again (I’ve maintained a WordPress blog in the past, and have written for an online heavy metal site).

So, trite as it may sound, I really have a passion for pop culture; in particular, putting pop culture into the context of greater society. That is what the focus of this blog will be. In my past blogging excursions, I’ve mainly focused on music. This time around, I will also focus on film (and other mediums when the mood strikes me), but music will still be a major focus for this blog. In hopes that I don’t wear out my welcome on the very first post, I’ll be wrapping things up here for now. You’ll get to know me better as more posts begin to infiltrate this page. If you’re interested in all things pop culture, please follow my page! I’ll be posting as regularly as life and inspiration push me to. Additionally, you can also reach out to me at if you want to say hello or have a thought about the page you’d like to share with me. I hope to make this a relevant and rewarding experience for myself, and anyone who checks in! Until then, hey, 2019 is almost over, and you’ve all heard some new albums this year, right?

Image result for billie eilish when we all fall asleep where do we go

^A little enticement. We’ll delve into 2019’s best albums in the near future. Check back!

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